Striking and stylish floor cover designed for parking motorbikes on. These mats are made from durable nylon fibre with oil and water resistant non-slip rubber  backing.
Maximise display of your bike in the garage or in a showroom
Ideal for use in garages, workshops and vans.
 Size: 200cm x 100cm
Mat Features and Benefits
Ribbed construction of the mat ensures that your bike will not lose traction while resting and provides an easy-to-clean top, which allows for debris to be removed without hassle. With its reliable slip-resistant bottom, the mat requires no adhesive for installation. Hides unsightly cracks and stains on the garage floor.
Protect your garage floor from kick-stand damage, daily wear and tear, skid marks, dirt and debris and other dings, dents and oil stains with the Motorcycle Garage Floor mats.Offer cushioned comfort, protecting the floor’s surface from the weight of the bike.
Motorcycle Garage Mats are very easy to install with no tools or adhesives required.
They are easy to clean and maintain – simply move them out of the garage or reposition them for a quick clean with soap and water.
These Mats are resistant to fire, water, is anti-static and offers thermal insulation and noise reduction.
You can choose an option of a Freedom Logo or customize it with the logo of your own.